About the Artist

Bruce Thurston

Bruce has been working in wood since he was a lad over 50 years ago. Coming from a family of woodworkers, he naturally gravitated to appreciating the natural beauty of nature's wonders. Finding and releasing the beauty hidden behind the bark, for all to enjoy, has become a passion over the past 20 years. Each item is carefully and individually shaped, sanded smoother and smoother to allow it to reward the hands that hold it with smoothness that expresses both the love that created it, and the joy that it takes in doing its new job.

A word about the spoon that graces our website header. That spoon was made by me over 40 years ago as a present to my wife, Lucy. It is still in use today, a testament to the longevity and quality of my spoons. Both the spoon, and my wife, are just as beautiful as that day 40 years ago!

Noah with serving spatula