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BLT Studios
BLT Studios, handmade and custom knitting and personal instruction, and my wife's business.

The 3D Palette
The 3D Palette, custom websites, hosting, graphic design and for small businesses.

RCP Photo
RCP Photo, Ramón Purcell, an amazing photographer in the San Diego area.

San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association
SDFWA is a non-proft corporation, organized in 1982, to unite people that share a common interest and enthusiam for working with wood.

Mission Hills Artists
San Diego artists, events, entertainment, shopping and festivals.

City of San Diego
City of San Diego. Have you been to our city? We boast nearly perfect weather, a super clean city, gorgeous harbor views, and a wonderful open plan zoo. Truly one of the nicer cities of the United States. Come visit, you may not want to leave!

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BLT Studios